Sweet Road

Hansel and Gretel sets off for a sweet adventure on Sweet Road!
But before they even get a chance to say "Gingerman George!", the evil Witch swoops in and kidnaps Hansel!
Now you have to help Gretel rescue her captive pudgy brother by matching candies!

Follow the dynamic adventure of the brave and vivacious Gretel, and defeat the evil Witch by overcoming obstacles and various game modes!
Jump into the sweetest adventure right out of a storybook with Sweet Road!

Bubble CoCo

CoCo the mother hen lives with her family at a peaceful farm...
until the peace was broken by a sly fox trying to steal her baby chicks!

Help CoCo wield her magic bubble shooting cannon to rescue her baby chicks!
Pop your way through a colorful adventure in a quest to save CoCo's family!

Water Splash

Croker is a greedy crocodile that is creating dams and stealing water creating havoc in the world!
Follow Oris around the world and help her match and pop balloons to stop Croker and bring back all the water that he stole!

Toy Party

You are invited to the fantastic world of Toy Party!
Follow the adventures of Joyce, a little girl who stumbled upon the world of toys.
Match toy blocks and deal with the playful antics of the toy world's troublemakers!

If you are bored with the same old puzzle matching action in 4 directions, try your hand at HEXAGONAL 6-direction matching in Toy Party! 
Immerse yourself in the magical experience filled with various toy friends! Accept your invitation to Joyce's Toy Party today!


Andrew the Bear loves nothing more in the world than honey!
Nothing will get in the way of him getting some his paws on some sweet, delectable honey.
However, there is one thing that is slowing him down: the bees!
Pop through bubbles to help Andrew with his honey cravings.


The clean oceans of the South Pole have been polluted by oil leaked from passing boats!
It’s up to Pete the Penguin to travel the world and save his friends from the peril of human destruction! Help Pete match blocks to cleanse the South Pole!

Pudding Pop

The dirty bacteria is scheming to infest the dessert world!
Help the six pudding blobs by linking pudding blobs of the same color to save the dessert world!