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About us

About CookApps

CookApps is a game developer located in South Korea that specializes in web and mobile games. In the early years, CookApps started developing simple apps for Facebook, then transitioned on to games starting with titles: Happy Farkle and Happy Dice. In 2012 CookApps made their mark in the world of Facebook games with the release of titles: Buggle, Pengle, Pudding Pop, Solitaire and Wonderland, and Pig & Dragon. Buggle in particular has been a fan favorite with more than 10 million accumulated players and an average of 3 million players enjoying the game every month!

What is CookApps?

We make apps. It’s as simple as that. And we show it in our name: From a combination of Cook + Apps, we let everyone know what we do. We cook up – or make – apps!

Our History

December - Launched Bubble 2 mobile
September - Pengle renewal
August - Launched Bubble CoCo mobile
July – Launched Buggle 2
June – Launched Water Splash Mobile
May  - Launched Water Juicy Pop
May - Company trip to Los Angeles and Las Vegas
February – New Office – 8th Floor of U-Space Building in Pangyo

November - Received the “3rd annual Great small company award”
November – Launched Bubble CoCo
October – Launched Water Splash
October – Launched Pig & Dragon Mobile
September – Launched Solitaire in Wonderland Mobile
May – Launched Pudding Pop Mobile
April – Company trip to Palao
February –Launched Pig & Dragon

December – Hit DAU mark of 3m
November – Launched Pudding Pop
May – Launched Solitaire in Wonderland

December – Launched Pengle, Selected as one of the top 20 Facebook Game Developers
September – Launched Diggle
May – Hit DAU mark of 1m
April – Launched Buggle

December – Launched Superball
July – Launched Royal Slots
May – Hit 15m subscribers
March – Launched God City

October –Awarded the “Outstanding SNG Developer’s Award” by the SBA
September – Launched Happy Farkle Online
August – Hit 15m subscribers
July – Launched Happy Farkle and Happy Dice
January – CookApps Founded 






CookApps Pangyo Office

8th Floor, USpace Bldg, 660, Daewangpangyo-ro, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

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